About cell phone repair in Brantford


Cell Zone


Since 2002, we have been repairing crack screens, as well as charging port repairs, button repairs, battery replacements and just about anything else that could break on your Phone! To repair these gadgets, you will need a professional service, that's where, we step in, with over 15 years of Experience in cell phone repair in brantford

 At Cell Zone we always do our best to purchase only the best quality parts possible to make sure your repair works perfectly when you receive your phone and stays that way, that's our warranty.



Not only we fix cell phones and repair them. we also sell all types of phone cases and parts. we sell Refurbished phones with a 6 months of warranty. we buy your phones too.

Services includes:

1 . Cell Phone Repairs

2. New Batteries of almost all the phones

3. Screen Replacement

4. Sell Refurbished Phones

5. Buy your old phones

6. Unlocking

7. Water Damage

8. Motherboard Issues